Camille’s Kitchen has expanded our catering for Jimmy Kimmel Live! from healthy meals for the writer’s room to delicious bites for Jimmy’s esteemed guests in the Greenroom.

Camille's Green Room ImageCamille’s Kitchen was mentioned in Marielle Wakim’s Los Angeles Magazine article “The Greenroom Revolution.”

“At Kimmel the greenroom is the place to be, which is exactly as the comedian has always planned…“Nice” is an understatement. Look around: A handsome tapster serves free beer and wine to two overdressed blonds and one tattooed hipster…By the buffet a couple struggles with what to eat: chicken skewers with chipotle aioli, tiny grilled cheese sandwiches with caramelized onions and tomato, or a choice of three salads—Greek, kale Caesar, and watermelon beet…There are so many distractions, it’s no wonder that when Freeman breezes by post skit, casual in jeans and a turquoise polo shirt, his trademark thatch of white hair gleaming, hardly anyone notices.”


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Camille’s Kitchen was also featured in two stories by Patricia Decker: Camille’s Kitchen caters wine-friendly comfort food with a California twist #1 and #2. Both stories highlight our ongoing wine and food events with Silverlake Wine.

“Signature bubas, hand rolled dumplings similar to gnocchi, braised meats with seasonal vegetables, and intensely flavorful soups are just a few of the dishes that Camille’s Kitchen puts their creative spin on. In fact, if you can imagine it, Camille’s can concoct it. Salads of tender greens, accented with peak of season fruits and vegetables, house baked rolls, and delectable hors d’oeuvres that pop in your mouth with an explosion of flavor, all find their way onto Camille’s specialty menus cloaked in the spirit of the season. Are you vegan? No worries, Camille’s has catered Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Green Room for the likes of famous vegans like President Bill Clinton and Sir Paul McCartney, earning rave reviews.” — Patricia Decker,

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